Effect of watching tv essay

Firstly, by making you feel bad about yourself. However, in a student essay, it is advisable to keep the number of major points to 2 or 3, which form separate developmental paragraphs.

Teelevision, studies have shown that when watching the news on television the memory is retained better rather than reading the same news in a newspaper; consequently, making people who watch the news on TV gain more knowledge; thus, becoming smarter.

There can be some distinct advantages to watching television, in moderation, though.

The Harmful Effects of Watching Too Much Television

Television provides people with an ability to get a news instantly, without getting up from the couch, and for free. Therefore, we as an old brother or sister should reduce the habit of watching TV too much to our young brother or sister.

Possess bunch of home work. Approximately words This model answer has been prepared by the site developer. They are also difficult to imagine something because when they watch a TV program, they just need to look and listen.

But is watching TV good for children. Indeed, more and more studies reveal the adverse health effects of watching television.

The Negative Effects of Watching Television on Children

This really helped me in improving my General Knowledge and I gradually developed the interest in politics and also watching different debates and group discussions helped me improving my speaking skill and as a result, I won several prizes in debates and quizzes at school and college level.

These emotional outbursts may continue even after you have switched off the television. Unfortunately most people accept whatever television is feeding them, without ever casting a doubt on its truthfulness.

Effects Of Junk Food On Essays

I wil inmprove their upcoming days. In brief, watching TV programs too much will give the children bad effects. The third effect is their habit. Besides the fact that the arguments are enhanced by good sources they also clearly affirm what people believe in general.

Is it merely a coincidence that in the West — where people are spending enormous amount of time watching television — the rates of obesity and heart disease in people of all ages are rapidly increasing.

Essentially, the idiot box, makes you an idiot if you befriend it for too long. Kids watching several hours of TV per day are spending less time peersuasive their homework and are therefore performing badly in school. Since the health of your brain is largely determined by how much you actively use it, watching too much television can therefore have a detrimental effect on the health of your brain.

One of the reasons why brain activity is so low when watching television is because you don’t really have to do any thinking. Television is a negative influence on kids and therefore TV watching must be limited.

This essay was written by a student in Katherine Cohen’s 7th-grade English class at. Let me begin with analyzing the negative effects of television viewing. Extensive research shows that children spending too much time watching television lose a chance to engage in other social and developmental activities, such as communicating with peers, reading, writing, playing, etc.

(Guru et al., ; Robertson et al., ). Watching TV in moderation and under parents’ guidance is good for children entertainment and learning but it is important that parents keep a check on the channels that their children watch and the amount of time being spent on watching TV.

(See Kate Moody, Growing Up on Television: The TV Effect—A Report to Parents, New York: Times Books,pp. 91–) Some children lose the ability to learn from reality because life’s experiences are more complicated than those seen on the screen.

The average child born today will, by age 15, have spent more time watching television than going to school. Research has shown that heavy doses of TV violence viewing are associated with the development of aggressive attitudes and behavior.

TV viewing also appears to .

Effect of watching tv essay
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